DRS Tools (assisted plug in for baking workflow) and WIP of latest project

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    I d like to introduce the DRS plugin for ZBrush that will prove highly useful for 3D artists.
    This plugin was designed by Digireal Studios to speed up the workflow from Zbrush to Substance.

    The model is a WIP from one of the projects that the team has been working on and is made out of nearly 300 pieces. Preparing a model with hundreds of pieces for baking after working in Zbrush and then baking the details in Substance can be a super painful and a very long process.

    So what this Plugin does, is that it has all the tools to assist the artist in the baking process and correct all possible scenarios of warped normals, artifacts, seams etc. It automates a lot of steps and saves you HOURS of work.

    With a few clicks this plug in explodes and generates cages for every mesh, plus it aligns all high poly meshes, low poly meshes and cages so that they are properly baked in Substance or any other software with baking features.

    It also comes with different types of cages that you can generate, so that you can correct specific artifacts from different scenarios through masking.

    For those that dont need cages and/or exploded meshes, it provides suffix renaming tools to bake using mesh names too.

    The plugin is currently sold at a discount by the studio and it comes with documentation and a tutorial that guides in detail the user.

    Access to the plug in: digirealstudios.com/product/drs-tools-v1-0-single-license



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