Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition [XO, PS4, XBSX, PC, NX]

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    The definitive edition finally releases on XBox, PS4, and PC on December 4th, 2020. The Nintendo Switch version released September 2019.

    Embark upon an epic adventure as The Luminary: the chosen one in a world that vows to hunt him down. The Luminary and his unique band of loyal companions work together to survive an onslaught of ne’er-do-wells and overthrow the dark forces that plot to plunge the world of Erdrea into chaos. Explore the massive world of DRAGON QUEST and awaken your power in this can't-miss adventure!

    The Definitive Edition includes all the content from the original release of the acclaimed DRAGON QUEST XI, and adds extra character-specific scenarios, the choice of playing with the original soundtrack or a grand orchestral version of the music, the ability to switch between 2D and 3D graphic modes, a Japanese voice-acting option, and much more!
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    Someone saw Persona 5 Royal and took notes. Releasing an essentially modded version (orchestral soundtrack, novelty 2D-most-of-the-time mode and some story extras) of a game at full price within a console generation seems worse than DLC, but I guess high review scores and long play times help make double dipping more palatable. P5R came three years after P5 (and with an initial wave of steelbooks as a retail sweetener). DQ11S is coming three years after its Japanese launch. All I’m saying is a nice steelbook wouldn’t hurt. ;)

    Interestingly (original source), "[Dragon Quest XI S is] a port of the Nintendo Switch version, so the graphics are not the same as they were for the original Dragon Quest XI on PlayStation 4. Please note, however, that the resolution and frame rate are at least as good as they were for the original PlayStation 4 release." “Not the same” being a euphemism for downgraded?* It seems that will allow the base PS4 to hit 1080p and gives the Pro a shot at 4k (still checkerboarded?), at least. It will be interesting to be able to choose bewteen resolution and graphical quality, albeit with two different SKUs of the game.

    I wonder if this version but not the original will get a resolution boost for PS5.

    It’ll be on Game Pass as a Play Anywhere title (Xbox and hopefully PC), so there’ll be one relatively cheap way to play it.

    *Edit: Maybe a bit harsh, judging by the DF comparo pics. Only the fourth and sixth show obviously lesser draw distance and LODs, which I imagine are easy to push out. Swapping in higher res textures should also be simple. That only leaves simpler geometry.
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    I've never played a Dragons Quest game. Quite looking forward to it.

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