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    I have been playing Doom on Switch for a week now, and it is a lot better than I had imagined. The single player is very challenging even on the Hurt Me Plenty setting. The gameplay is fast and satisfying. I'm sure if I had played it on another platform the short comings on Switch would be more pronounced, but so the game looks great, and framerate is stable most of the time. It certainly buckles a bit during some of the most hectic moments, but the engine seems to recover really quickly.

    The online experience was a surprise treat for myself. I didn't purchase the game in mind with playing online, but now I feel like I could play for 100+ hours because of it. The game reminds me of the old arena style shooters like Unreal Tournament and Quake, and that is refreshing after years of Call of Duty. My first play session had me worried, the game wasn't playing very smooth at all. The next night I played I realized after checking my settings that the game was defaulting the territory to Europe even though I live in the US. After changing this, the majority of my matches were smooth as a 30fps game will allow. It was a ton of fun, and I stayed up way to late that night playing it with a buddy of mine.
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