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Discussion in 'VR and AR' started by Arwin, Nov 30, 2017.

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    Loosely based on Doom 2016, I just watched Eurogamer’s livestream and it looks very good, especially the intense battles later on ... he’s also playing with the Aim controller.

    And the VR version of classic Doom maps which are secrets in the game ... wow!

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    Glad you can play it with a DS4 as well. I tried the Move controllers and I hated the experience. Aside from doing a quick 180° there's no way of turning whatsoever with the Move wands. Trying to position yourself that way is a nightmare.
    Problem is if you play it with more traditional controls it sort of turns into just regular Doom minus all the cool options and none of the scope. Baby's first fps so to speak. It's fun to look at the Mars base in VR, though.
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