Don't worry, SHE'LL SAVE THE FRISBEE!!!!

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    babytotherescue copy.jpg A neighbor dropped by about a month ago yesterday and asked us if we wanted a dog since his daughter needed to find a home for her 6 mos old puppy. Of course we took her in, but it turns out she'd just turned 5 mos old and is now about 5-1/2 and weighing in at 55lbs of loving fun!

    She likes to swim, I can't believe it! Still trying to figure out what breed she is, I'm thinking doberman crossed with irish wolfhound?

    Sorry I haven't been around, but life has been a series of crisis needing my attention and the puppy and integrating it in to our menagerie is NOT the easiest thing. I haven't been able to leave my house my in the last month for more than an hour or so for my daughter's doctors appointments and some fun runs to the vet with Molly to get the last of her stitches out, but it's starting to get back to reasonably hellish. :)

    Oh, and I started a new medication 2 weeks ago that FUCKED ME UP! Motor control impairment, cognitive disfunction, aggression, anxiety, paranoia, chest pains, weakness; and I had no clue it was a side effect. I never put the two and two together. My wife, daughter, and sister all did for me a few days ago and after being off it for a couple of days now I can actually FEEL my mind coming back and it's freaking wonderful! I was going "Flowers for Algernon" there for a bit but in reverse. :/

    Hugs and love, missed everyone terribly! My family is doing well all things considered, and every day is getting a little better as the puppy gets her puppiness a little better under control. (She's an INSANELY smart and capable dog, her only problems right now are due to her being a big puppy...but that'll pass. :) )

    Weirdest damn way I've ever gotten a dog before in my life, first time I ever got an animal without my wife's permission since Lulu that she hasn't gotten mad at fact she said if I hadn't taken the dog she would have been pissed at me! LOL

    Hugs everyone, see ya soon.
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