Do you still have any of your old, or your first ever, games at home? Which ones?


So I am remodeling the house where I live, and when moving stuff around, I found some of my old PC games in CD format.

NBA Live 2000. Back when NBA Live was a good game.


Resident Evil 1. The original game. It ran well on my Monster 3D videocard.



Super Eurofighter 2000. A good although difficult game, I had to cheat to beat the game editing the savegame files with notepad giving the SU-35 and SU-27 the status of MIA, and it worked. The manual was more like an avionics manual, amazing stuff.


Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Legend game. My first fighting game, I purchased it back in 1997. Loved it to death. Akuma was nigh impossible, and never managed to beat him tbh. I lost the original box but I was so glad when I found out the CD is still functional.


Superbike 2000. That was a superb fun game. The motor bike game I've played the most, ever. My favourite track was Kyalami, iirc. Never played it again since then. I also never watched a video of the game on youtube or similar. Maybe I will, although the good memories will be probably gone?


Unreal. The original. Impressive for its time, specially when you watched it running on your 3D accelerated card, the filters and IQ were incredible at the time. I lost the box of the game but the CD seems to be in good condition.

I still have the original two-disc CD set for Unreal; the second disc is all the high resolution S3 texture content. I have the original Orange Box, I have the original Far Cry on like five CDs, I have the original Crysis on DVD, I think I have the original Q2 on CD, and I'm pretty sure I have MSFS 2000 on CD.

For what it's worth, I have computer CDs dating back to the early 90's. The original Packard Bell Multimedia PC from like 1992 was their very first model with a CD rom (cassette trey-style), Sound Blaster Pro card, all riding on an Intel 386SX20 with I think 2MB of ram and a 100MB Seagate disk that I still had until about a year ago. I still have basically every CD from that computer, to include the one to fully reimage it, all the "media sample" CDs, an old multimedia game that had something to do Sherlock Holmes, and a CD full of shareware samples.

I'll dig that CD book out (remember those?) and take some pictures if anyone is interested :)
I have some CD-case sized games from PC, like Settlers III and IV, Rollercoaster Tycoon (1+2), Stronghold, Age of Empires II etc. Everything else was thrown, sold or gifted. I really wish I had kept my Atari 2600 cartridge collection but I had to sell most of that to finance buying a C64. I have a few PlayStation games too, like G-Police, Colony Wars, Driver etc, the GTA trilogy and Ratchet & Clank games on PS2 and a few PS3 games as well.
No pictures but in a box somewhere is still my copy of Sir Tech's "Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord" that I got1982 as well as the original Bard's Tale, actual title "Tales of the Unknown: The Bard's Tale" from 1985 (it came in a folding record single like package). Both of those were for the Apple ][. I might even have some of the Apple ][ games from the late 70's that were sold in clear plastic baggies with just the 5.25" disk and the manual inside.

I was a genesis kid first and a definitely don't have any of that stuff left...I guess technically my second owned platform was PS1. I still have some of my oldest games from that


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Pirated / knock-off NES (NES that was not made by Nintendo) somewhere in the house. Last time I used it as a space ship prop.

Gameboy advance still in the cupboard.
I still have my Atari but I regret giving my games. I also have a Nintendo Famicom KO which could play original Nintendo games. I regret giving its games too.
I'm not sure what happened to our ZX Spectrum, which came with Manic Miner, Pssst, Jetpac and Wizball (all just given to us boys by an awesome Uncle). I think we might have sold it to fund an external floppy drive for our Amiga 500. Probably marks the start of my lack of sentimentally for dust gathering hardware and software.

I regret not hoarding stuff to some degree these days. Not directly because I want to revisit old games but because my daughter loves the PSP I gave her. It'd had escaped a cull by hiding in a drawer somewhere. She'd have got a kick out of playing things across the 30 yrs of my gaming stuff that preceded her being born.