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Discussion in 'GPGPU Technology & Programming' started by neliz, Oct 18, 2011.

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    What's the status of the current OpenCL implementations?

    If I check the current conformance page @ Khronos I find a lot of models. But not everything.

    HD 5970 is curiously missing.
    HD 4550 is not even 1.0

    Only GF100 and most older G8x G9x based products have passed 1.1 conformance.
    Hasn't NVIDIA provided these for conformance testing since last year (July 2010 was the last update)?

    And no, this is not regular neliz trolling, I just want to make sure that since NVIDIA doesn't list those products as OpenCL conformant but rather OpenCL 1.1 supporting, it's non conformance is the true current state.
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    The HD5970 second GPU has not been supported for a long time (I'm not sure if it is still unsupported). It was working only as a single OpenCL device and this may explain why it wasn't included.

    In general, the AMD OpenCL multi-device support has always been terrible.

    The support for all HD4xxx family has always been declared as beta. Lately, there has been also some problem with new Catalyst versions; I guess AMD is starting to not care anymore of HD4xxx GPUs.

    HD4xxx family miss some feature of modern GPUs (for instance local memory) and having even a beta support for OpenCL was quite useful and a noticeable result.

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