Continuous C# and F# IDE on iOS (using Xamarin)

Discussion in 'Mobile Software' started by Arwin, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Continuous, which was just released, is a Xamarin based complete C# and F# development IDE that runs completely on iPad. It has code highlighting and you can run projects with graphics and everything. It is highly impressive and if you code in either of these languages and have an iPad, well worth the 10 bucks if like me you've always wanted to be able to do some quick coding experimentson you.

    It also comes with very cool little examples like faces that 'reproduce' using genes, etc. and as soon as you've loaded a project it's running already in a tiny window under a tab, that you can then zoom to full screen (confused me for a moment as it seemed as nothing was happening! It's incredibly fast)

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    Sweet! I guess this is running under an interpreter given iOS restriction on runtime generated code?

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