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Discussion in 'Industry Jobs' started by Rys, Jun 26, 2014.

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    I've got an open hire in the Competitive and Performance Analysis group inside of PowerVR at IMG, graduate or experienced candidates both considered.

    I need someone who's first and foremost passionate about 3D graphics hardware and how it works. I need someone who will be actively interested in figuring out how GPUs work at a low-level, working their way back up through the software side until the pixels are drawn on the screen.

    We play with the entire stack from GPU up through its microkernel, low-level driver, client APIs and the compiler, and we also look at how the OS gets in the way too. The team is responsible for understanding the 3D and compute performance of our IP and our competitors to make sure we're shipping the right cores to our customers.

    We do pre- and post-sales work with leading customers, helping them get it all right. We work under constant pressure to deliver, so you need to be driven to do a great job under tight deadlines.

    Being able to hack in C is a pre-requisite, but you don't have to be a genius-level programmer, and experience with at least one modern graphics or compute API is a must. After that I just need a love of pixels and silicon; we can teach you the rest on the job.

    CVs or questions to or via PM here please! The job requires relocation to Kings Langley here in the UK, but we can totally help with that no matter where in the world you are.

    Full job spec and corporate preamble is here:
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    Planet Earth.
    Plus Rys is an excellent manager and he likes kitten !
    (Also the offices are brand new and very nice.)

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