Chrome OS for PS3?

Discussion in 'CellPerformance@B3D' started by mitran, Jul 8, 2009.

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    A bit off topic, but one thing I don't understand is why Amiga OS 4 has never been released for use on PS3, as Cell should have more than enough juice to run it quite well being probably one of the most embeddable full operating systems there is. Is it a licensing issue? If is to believed, they already have it running.

    Minimum specs for the OS are "a PowerPC processor running at 400MHz or higher, 256 megabytes of RAM, 100 megabytes of hard drive space, and a Radeon 7000 video card". Obviously the restrictions to RSX under Linux would still apply, but then is it really that important in this case? Rather than Linux or Chrome, isn't Amiga OS the perfect fit for a machine such as the PS3?

    The asking price is rather high at €105, but being an Amiga nut myself, I'd certainly buy it. There is obviously a market for it, otherwise they wouldn't be developing it, and that's with limited hardware units to currently run it on.
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    There are certain things they'd have to get right for it to be Amiga and not just another generic 'Linux-type OS with too much clutter'. Firstly I'd want to see ARexx or similar, with unbiquitous cross-applicaiton interfacing. This would be a distinct advantage over existing OSes where applications all have their own scripting languages to worry about. It'd be fabulous to allow any application to access the assets of another to adjust them and return them. I'd want an insanely robust system to boot. This was a core advantage to Amiga back in the day. It was gobsmackingly reliable in sensible conditions. I remember a test multitasking a dozen applications and it wouldn't fall over. Of course we all remember the Guru Meditations, so it wasn't infallable. That's where the biggest improvement needs to be. Windows still screws up. Applications screw up. A fixed platform means this should be all but eliminated save for rare bugs. Still, without some defining 'killer apps' it's hard to see a future. DPaint was key to Amiga. Actually so was the true WIMP windows interface, versus Windows stupidly shallow frontend. If someone were to roll out some media applications, the synthesiser system I dream of and some awesome media encoding application, it'd perhaps find a space. In fact an Amiga Emulator on a SPE would be way cool too!

    I'm sure a proper closed-platform computer, like the old days, would actually find a large enough market. A reason for Macs increasing popularity is people's association with them and trouble-free computing. the demise of Amiga and other came with the price advantage of PC clone hardware, which eventually totally eclipsed any closed-platform developments. But now we've got more power than is needed for use. We can settle back to a respectible amount of performance in a closed platform and not worry that in 3 years the PC space will be much faster because we'll still be able to do everything practically instantly and won't have the hassles.

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