Cell B.E. adoption in video/media

Discussion in 'CellPerformance@B3D' started by Carl B, Jul 10, 2007.

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    A couple of moths ago there was a spate of Cell-related news in terms of industry adoption in non-gaming fields. Of note, activity was apparent in defense, medicine, and media. Of the three, most people were aware of the Mayo Clinic imaging announcement, and I created a thread on the defense applications here, but in the hopes that I would have time to write an article concerning the general strides - which I never did end up having time to do - I didn't see any attention brought to the media side of things.

    I was thinking about it today, and dug up the announcement that got me thinking about it originally...


    This isn't the only announcement we've heard from media-centric firms either. Do we have a window into how Cell adoption has been proceeding in the encoder market? It seems an industry that would seem well-suited to large Cell-based deployments, with libraries that would/could/should be easier than most to port over and optimize and at the same time provide an immediate real-world advantage.

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