Can 20fps be smoothly produced on interlaced displays *spawn

Discussion in 'Console Technology' started by milk, Jul 26, 2018.

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    Uh, I had no idea you meant that. At first, yes, but then you started talking about pull-down and we explained it doesn't work that way, and you started talking about interlacing, which doesn't affect frame pacing.

    On an NTSC TV, each 12 fps frame is shown for 5 fields. Exactly the same 'interlacing' that 3 fields experiences. So there's real experience you've had of seeing wonky interlaced fields and interpreting them as consistently spaced frames! ;)

    If you can't see the logic in the examples I posted here, I can't see that anything else can be done. You've had multiple people explain in multiple ways why you're wrong. You've even witnessed interleaved fields producing consistent framerates in watching cartoons. At this point you really ought to be accepting the new knowledge provided, even if the explanations don't fit your mental model - clearly no-one here can arrange for you to see a 20 fps game/video running on a 60 Hz interlaced TV and that was a fairly outlandish argument which exceeded Function's patience.

    I'll try to spawn out this thread to return the texture one to the discussion you wanted in the first place.
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