Camera Tracking and Coordinates

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    Dear all,

    I'm just starting out with Syntheyes and Camera Tracking.
    My need is to obtain 3D coordinates from a sequence shot with a single camera (more or less fixed) - we are on the Moon: Apollo 16.

    Among the software tutorials there is one that refers to a similar sequence (similar to the one we are studying): I've simply opened the file containing the sequence solved by the software producer (.sni).

    I have difficulty in order to interpret correctly the X, Y, Z coordinates that are proposed for each Tracker (the system is Z-up, that means the third coordinate refers to the height).

    I attach some screeshots.

    image1: is the tracker taken as coordinate system origin (it coincides with object 1), then X = 0, Y = 0, Z = 0 (the point is on the lunar vehicle base)

    : a second point on the lunar vehicle base. It should have more or less Z = 0, while the resulting value is -4.028

    image3: this point is at the same height of the wheel, the value of Z is surprisingly -4.535

    image4: high end of one of the vehicle's antennas, Z is inexplicably -3.832

    Can anyone explain to me these strangeness?
    What do I disregard to understand the spatiality of these images?

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