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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by linthat22, Jan 24, 2009.

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    Don't know if anyway here listened to the 1UP podcasts, but it seems most of the legacy podcasts are gone.

    The cast of characters were enjoyable to listen to with their different perspectives on games.

    Anyone here have any video game podcast suggestions?

    I've found Gamers with jobs and PC Gamer, but PC Gamers podcasts aren't that entertaining.
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    The Player One podcast is decent.

    Games with Jobs is a recent discovery for me, and I enjoy that one - some smart folk in that group.

    The 1up Yours podcast though was my favorite podcast by a long, long mile. I still haven't finished listening to the epic 3.5 hour finale posted last Thursday. Apparently Garnett may well be creating another podcast, but we'll have to wait and see - I hope he does.

    The Player One guys seem to be using Skype or something similar to do their podcasts. This means that any bunch of people here could do a podcast together. I'd personally really love to do a beyond3d podcast with some people here. (I had actually started on practicing a bit for making one of my own but then the internal audio-in of my laptop broke down - I wanted to create a podcast listeners podcast as an experiment, summarising all the interesting stuff that had been said last week in other podcasts, since I was listening almost all of them anyway :D. I even started taking notes and listening to podcasts twice for it ... )


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    The one podcast I've absolutely adored lately has been Idle Thumbs. They have a great blend of humour, depth and off-topic rantings. Lots of indie games talk as well, which is always good to hear.

    For reference (as a "taste barometer"), other podcasts I've listened to have been:
    1Up Yours - liked a lot, but it went very much downhill since Luke left
    GFW Radio - stunning, too bad it had to end
    Player One - alright for a couple of guys on skype, though they seemed to really lack charisma based on the lag in their discussions
    Gamers With Jobs - again, not too bad, but their crystal balling is quite irritating and makes me want to yell at my Ipod "you idiots sound like pretentious wanks who overanalyse everything to sound clever". When they talk about games it's generally ok, though I find like a lot of gaming podcasts they try and find faults in games so they have something to talk about. If they gave solid "here's what I loved... here's what I didn't like so much... here's how much fun I had" rather than trying to drag up comparisons and place the games in the grand scope of the universe it'd be a bit easier to swallow.

    Anyway - get Idle Thumbs!
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    why not just follow the 1up crew

    You have
    Geekbox hosted by Ryan Scott of GFW and Lan party

    Rebel FM Some of the 1up FM guys

    Area5 for those who brought you the 1up show

    A life well wasted This is from Robert Ashley and its like a This American life podcast. Its very well edited and unlike the round table podcasts this is simply people answering common questions. The first pod cast is about the death of Egm. This is a must listen too.

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