Buying a used New 3DS XL is a PITA


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So after i tried Citra emulator, i realized that to experience 3DS as its originally intended, i need the original hardware due to its 3D screen. Sure on PC it looks much better and runs smoother, but the lack of 3D doesn't sits well with me.

Thus i revived my old original 3DS by replacing its SD card slot that was broken. then... UGH THE SCREEN IS SO TINY. Now I'm hunting for a used New 3DS XL, but it is a PITA:

rant time:
  1. Its unclear what screen they have (IPS/TN), and most seller doesn't even understand what the heck that's even means.
  2. the used market was flooded with cheap used N3DSXL from japan with custom firmware already preinstalled. But i want to transfer my legit games from my normal 3DS to N3DSXL :(
  3. I cant buy one without sd card (i already have one on my original normal 3DS), instead, thesellers keeps telling me that i can request any games i want... o_O


3DS games look certainly a lot better on the 3D screen, the textures and geometry of 3DS games are just not made with huge PC screens in mind. And most of these fanmade HD texture packs are pretty lackluster as well.

Also I recommend getting the regular New 3DS, the 3D screen is a little bigger than the original, but it still maintains the crisp visual fidelity, unlike the XL which can get a bit blurry due to the lower DPI.