Behold, the Depth-VR Virtual Holographic System

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    Hi everyone,
    We’re an R&D team from China, and we’d like to introduce our product, the Depth-VR Virtual Holographic System. Depth VR is a 3D system that uses head tracking to deliver an unparalleled 3D experience. We’ve done a huge amount of optimizations to traditional head-tracking systems, so using Depth VR, you can experience something as realistic as a holographic image.

    (Watch our demo on Youtube: )

    Depth VR is made up of two hardware components, an infrared tracking device placed on top of your display, and special glasses for accurate head tracking.

    *Glasses: 3D glasses equipped with an infrared-emitting device. The glasses have two versions of Color Cast 3D (for general display devices) and polarized 3D.

    *Infrared Tracking Device: placed on top of the display, and able to track glasses within 0.1 meters to 3 meters distance, tracking adjusts the display in real-time so users can see 3D objects from different angles. With even the tiniest head movements, you will see different angles and details of the scene.

    Depth VR now supports multiple 3D engines (Unity 3D/OpenGL/DX/Ogre) and has a very easy to use SDK for developers. It is also cross-platform, supporting Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

    We’ll be launching our project on Kickstarter on November 19th, and would love to have your support. Let us know if you have any questions or comments about Depth VR.
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    Which of the following do you support ?

    X-axis : rotation
    X-axis : translation
    Y-axis : rotation
    Y-axis : translation
    Z-axis : rotation
    Z-axis : translation

    Rotation about the 3 axes produces : yaw (y axis), pitch (x axis) and roll (z axis).

    Whats the Sub-pixel Resolution ?
    Reporting Resolution ?
    Resolution/Horizontal Field of View Degree ?
    How much does it cost ?
    Does it require a special monitor ?
    Does it require developer support ?

    ps: dx and opengl are not 3d engines

    pps: what is color cast 3d google only come up with 1 result (is this you ?)
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    I like that approach of 3D, it might prove especially useful for phones and tablets.
    I wish you the best luck and success.

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