ASUS Announced Limited Edition ASUS Radeon 9800XT

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    <p align="center">ASUS Announces Limited Edition for ASUS RADEON 9800XT Graphics Card Stylish black packaging, bundled 7-in-1 card reader and free leather CD holder</p>BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, 3rd November 2003 - In celebration of its record shipments of 700,000 units in September, ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), a worldwide leader in high-performance graphics solutions, today released a limited edition for the ASUS RADEON 9800XT graphics card. As well as all the cutting-edge features, powerful performance, bundled games and accessories in the original package, this collector's item also comes in a stylish black case and bundles a USB 2.0-based 7-in-1 card reader (SD, MMC, 3.3V SM, MD, Type I/II CF, MS, MS Pro) and leather CD holder. ASUS will offer only 2,000 units of this limited edition so take advantage of this great opportunity.

    The ASUS RADEON 9800XT, the result of ASUS' new partnership with ATI Technologies Inc., is created to meet demands from users who want the performance and visual realism of the latest ATI RADEON 9800XP Visual Processing Unit (VPU). The ASUS RADEON 9800XT, the flagship of ASUS' all-new ATI line, fully supports Microsoft® DirectX® 9, the best performance and visual realism for the latest, hyper-realistic games such as Half-Life 2. ASUS also incorporated a wide range of innovative features, found exclusively on ASUS graphics cards, to enhance visual performance and deliver more value to users.

    ASUS Special Features:
    • GameFaceTM
      ASUS's GameFace video chat feature allows gamers to see and talk to friends while playing online games.
    • Ultimate system protection
      ASUS's SmartDoctorTM prevents damage to your system and graphics card by monitoring temperature, fan speed and AGP power level.
    • Efficient cooling system
      Efficient cooling is the key to reliability. With copper heat-pipe, a huge copper heatsink, and twin fan design, the ASUS RADEON 9800XT keeps your system cool even at fast speeds.
    • Smart CoolingTM technology for noiseless life
      This advanced technology intelligently lowers fan speed when VPU temperature decreases from lighter system load, ensuring a quiet computing environment.
    • Optimized Board Design
      Unlike competitors that use stock, reference designs, ASUS optimized the layout and components of its RADEON series graphics cards to incorporate features that enhance reliability and improve performance.
    • VideoSecurityTM for security monitoring
      The VideoSecurity software allows users to create their own security monitoring systems. The software can be configured to record video when movement is detected and to issue phone or email alerts. Users can also monitor video over the Internet.
    • ASUS Digital VCR
      The ASUS Digital VCR allows users to capture and play their favorite television programs.
    • Diverse Dual Display Connectivity
      The ASUS RADEON 9800XT support dual-DVI and two DVI-to-VGA adaptors, enabling connectivity to a full-range of display devices
    Key Specifications
    • Graphics engine: 256MB DDR
    • Engine clock: 412MHz
    • Memory clock: 730MHz (365MHz DDR
    • RAMDAC: 400MHz
    • Max. Resolution: 2048 X 1536
    • AGP 8x/4x/2x
    • Standard 15-pin VGA
    • TV-out port: S-VHS and composite
    • Video-in port: S-VHS and composite
    • Dual DVI
    • Dual VGA
    *Specifications are subject to changes without notice.

    About ASUS
    Established in 1989, ASUSTek Computer Inc. (TSE:2357), the perennial leader of the motherboard industry, is also a leading manufacturer of top-quality desktop barebones, notebooks, IA devices, servers, graphics cards, broadband modems, wireless products and optical drives. With world-class engineering and offices and subsidiaries located in all corners of the world, ASUSTek provides innovative solutions to consumers, businesses and OEM customers. The company has been amongst BusinessWeek's "InfoTech 100" since 1998 with the latest worldwide ranking up to the 23rd spot.
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