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    The Commercial Times has a rumor (Google Translate) of two different " A16" processors next year.
    Since this rumor doesn't mention any of the rumored and/or speculated multi-die configurations, I think it's dealing with individual chips rather than configurations (cut-down, multi-die, etc.), and so "two A16 Bionic processors" probably refers to two separate chips.

    I think the "iPhone 14" will get the standard "A16" while the "iPhone 14 Pro" gets the higher-end "A16 Pro." I wonder if that's related to the rumored Pro-exclusive camera features.
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    This sounds an awful lot like the A15 and it’s 4 (iphone 13) and 5 (iPhone 13 Pro) GPU cores. That is, I wouldn’t assume that we are dealing with two separate SoCs. Doing two different SoC only makes sense if there is a significant difference in die size.
    I had hoped for both LPDDR5 and WiFi 6e with the iPhone 13, so it seems like a safe bet they’ll show up in the next iteration. It will allow Apple to demonstrate tangible performance gains despite not much happening on the process front.

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