Apple A16 SoC

The Commercial Times has a rumor (Google Translate) of two different "A16" processors next year.
Tu Zhihao said:
As for the new iPhone 14 that Apple will launch in the second half of 2022, according to industry sources, Apple will launch two A16 Bionic processors, both of which will have a 6-core processor architecture, but will be differentiated according to the number of graphics cores. Supports 5G dual-band and next-generation LPDDR5, WiFi 6E and other technical specifications, all of which will use TSMC's 4nm process.
Since this rumor doesn't mention any of the rumored and/or speculated multi-die configurations, I think it's dealing with individual chips rather than configurations (cut-down, multi-die, etc.), and so "two A16 Bionic processors" probably refers to two separate chips.

I think the "iPhone 14" will get the standard "A16" while the "iPhone 14 Pro" gets the higher-end "A16 Pro." I wonder if that's related to the rumored Pro-exclusive camera features.
MacRumors said:
[Ming-Chi Kuo] has previously claimed that the 48-megapixel camera will be limited to iPhone 14 Pro models and allow for 8K video recording, up from 4K currently. These high-resolution 8K videos would be suitable for viewing on Apple's AR/VR headset that is expected to launch next year, he said.


This sounds an awful lot like the A15 and it’s 4 (iphone 13) and 5 (iPhone 13 Pro) GPU cores. That is, I wouldn’t assume that we are dealing with two separate SoCs. Doing two different SoC only makes sense if there is a significant difference in die size.
I had hoped for both LPDDR5 and WiFi 6e with the iPhone 13, so it seems like a safe bet they’ll show up in the next iteration. It will allow Apple to demonstrate tangible performance gains despite not much happening on the process front.