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    Who are we?

    We are A+L, a young and dynamic team of engineers and entrepreneurs working on a revolution in the hottest area right now – 3D printing. For obvious reasons, we can’t tell you more than that, unless you apply!

    Who are you?

    You’re like us: passionate, excited by challenges, work well with others and are very good at what you do.

    What do we want you to do?

    We are seeking a computer scientist with experience in 3D modelling, volume rendering and meshing. Specialism at MSc or PhD level is a bonus.

    Ideally looking to develop an API, so should be comfortable using C/C++, but also to work collaboratively, so open to discuss the specific requirements around your skill set and experience.


    We are a start-up and have invested our own capital into the project.

    So at this stage we are looking for a freelance employee, being paid £13/hr to work out of our London office (E8). However, we are fast down the road to VC funding and will want to keep you on a full time position once that happens.

    The procedure

    Please respond via e-mail, attaching a CV or a brief outline of your past experience. One of us will get in touch with you soon after application and arrange a telephone interview, before inviting you for lunch.
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    What is your email?

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