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Discussion in 'Console Industry' started by Mihailjones, Sep 19, 2017.

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    Well switch as now feels kind of mixed tech to me.

    While it may or may not been best tech available, they still cheaped out in memory/display/build quality but still charge for premium.

    For this price they should have some customisations for tegra, or more mem at least.

    This thing costs 349-389€, it should be closer to 200-250€ to sell better.

    At same price point we could compare it to a phone like oneplus 3, released 2016 and price is the same as switch (349-399€).

    It has 6gb of ram, 64gb of mem, 1080p amoled display. TFlops are same/more(300-450 TFlops depending the source) than undocked switch(i know that phones throttle, but still shows that switch isnt anything special vs other mobile devices) then add fingerprint reader, cameras and other stuff = kind of comparable vs switch with dock& joycons.

    So, imo switch should at least have 64gb of mem and amoled display(that could also give more batterylife) when it costs so much.

    And things like hd rumble are gimmicks, as they make really loud noises while vibrating = annoying.

    I know that switch sells well on some areas, but it sells badly in areas where it costs 100-150€ more than ps4 and almost nobody cares about portability.

    I have one and it is impressive as handheld, but nothing special as docked machine.

    I got mine for ~150€ (trading stuff). Pricing is biggest drawback for switch.

    My complains about mem/display/power would not be valid, if it would cost 199-249€.

    Now it is kind of like iphone/samsung phones = you will pay premium for the name, but get less than less greedy manufacturers. But of course there is no alternative for switch so they can do it.
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    In truth my post more in response to the "gimmick" mantra that people criticize Nintendo with, than the joycons specifically. The same people said the same about the Wii but that allowed some brilliant games to be made that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Why shit on something new so fast? Try something new.

    And no, that isn't win win win. Selling a new device as an optional accessory dooms it to Ps Move territory. Having it in every person's hand that bought the console means it will see far better support. Now, whether the joy cons justify the bundled in cost is a separate discussion. I might even agree with you on this one. I would much rather see an improved wii remote with IR functionality, but I digress.

    But remember the joy cons aren't just for motion controls, they allow on the go multiplayer when using the same switch console. That is pretty beneficial to the whole portable aspect.
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    What are you babbling about?

    Build quality is fine, just as pretty much everything Nintendo builds. The display is good as well. No its not 1080p or amoled (then again, apple charges an arm and a leg for their phones and most of those come without a 1080p amoled screen, and at least 1GB less ram than most other high end phones) but for games it doesn't really matter.

    It doesn't cost 239 - 389 either. MSRP is 299. The reason you can't buy one for MSRP is because according to most people on this board its either sold out or hard to find in most places.

    The oneplus 3 didn't retail at 349 either, it was 399. I know because I bought one. Don't forget a lot of China phones get sold at little to no profit margin to build up a name. Hence the Oneplus5 being a lot more expensive after everybody being very positive about the oneplus 3.

    If your switch makes a lot of noise with rumble there must be something wrong. I haven't heard the joycons make "really loud noises". You don't like rumble on your consoles either?

    Toyota Priuses don't sell well in Redneck country either, does that mean Toyota should put a v8 in the front?

    Who would have expected that... A portable device that cannot produce the same kind of graphics on the big screen as a dedicated home console.

    iPhone 8 is 699 with only 2gb of ram and a 750 x 1334 LCD screen. Depending on how you look at it the switch has a great price. I certainly can't think of any other device that does what switch does at a comparable price.

    You don't have to buy a switch. You can buy a PSP, a 300 dollar phone/tablet that will barely run any "real" games, a console and live without gaming on the road.

    Plenty of options, nobody is forced to buy a switch.

    Maybe the switch just isn't for you.
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