An Open-source tool for modeling 2D/3D, SLC/MLC memories

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    We have just released version 2 of DESTINY, which can model:
    * (2D/3D) SRAM and eDRAM
    * (2D/3D, SLC/MLC) STT-RAM, ReRAM and PCM
    * (2D, SLC/MLC) SOT-RAM, Flash, DWM

    SLC/MLC = single/multi-level cell, DWM = domain wall memory (aka racetrack memory), SOT-RAM = spin orbit torque RAM, STTRAM = spin transfer torque RAM, PCM = phase change memory, ReRAM = resistive memory (also called RRAM)

    Features of DESTINY:
    * Can model 22nm to 180nm technology nodes
    * It can model both conventional and emerging memories
    * Validated against several commercial prototypes

    In its purpose, DESTINY is similar to CACTI, CACTI-3DD or NVSim. The source code is available here:

    The journal paper which described DESTINY in full details is available here:

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