AMD: Zen 4, Speculation, Rumours and Discussion


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I feel we're in situation in which there isn't a clear "best" CPU even just isolating for gaming. So if that was the expectation it's a bit disappointing.

I originally felt Zen 4 3D parts would open up a clear lead but later on Raptor Lake's higher scaling DDR5 and availability of said DDR5 started to give me some pause which turns out to be the case.

The cache structure though still follows a pattern in that certain games highly benefit from it. 7800X3D will the one to wait for (no wonder they've delayed it) for those that really value those games.
Generally the vcache CCD is faster for games, sometimes much faster. In cases where it is slower because of lower frequency, it isn't a huge difference. The only game I've seen which is significantly faster on the vcacheless CCD is CSGO and nobody can tell the difference between 677fps and 754fps (which despite being a 77fps difference is still only 11%). On a part like the 7950X3D I would prefer games always run on CCD0 with vcache if it removes the possibility of a game running on CCD1. Trying to figure out which games should run on which CCD is a neverending losing battle.


Though either would have to be L4 and would mean a bunch of extra CCD -> IO die traffic -> extra power and latency.
Data must be gathered from ram anyway, if you had another level just before you keep the same inter-dices traffic, reduce the latency by two order, and reduce pressure on main ram.


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What will they do to fix Doom? And who will fix it (Microsoft or id)?
Probably not Microsoft if it's not a generalizeable solution, so then maybe iD. Also consider AMD has their own platform or chipset updates and perhaps they batch application "fixes" such as these into those larger platform changes.