8800gtx BF2142 performance quickie look

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    Ya know, with the launch of the 8800GTX and 8800GTS cards it keeps bothering me that few sites have had the time to really look at 8x, 8xQ, 16x, 16xQ performance. I'm in the middle of doing a LOT of testing using FRAPs on a major revamp of the site I work fors Just thought I'd throw some numbers out. Note, except for 0x AA 0x AF and 4x AA 16x AF the numbers are for Transparency SSAA, GCAA on, textures set to HQ. Also note that performance in BF2142 performance with 16XQ AA+16x AF+TSAA~ to x1950pro/7900gt without either. Test System FX-62 2GB Corsair DDR2-1066MHz memory CL4, 2 74GB WD Raptor SATA HDDs, ASUS M2N32-SLI (nForce590). Patch 1.06 Custom timedemo:

    no AA no AF
    7900GT 95.424
    x1650xt 60.193
    x1950 pro 88.660
    8800gtx 207.086

    4x AA 16x AF
    7900GT 58.687
    x1600xt 37.389
    x1950pro 59.200
    8800GTX 152.714

    8x aa 16x af

    8XQ AA 16X AF
    8800gtx 115.545

    16x AA 16X AF
    8800GTX 124.841

    16XQ AA 16X AF
    8800GTX 90.012

    no AA no AF
    7900GT 74.758
    x1650xt 44.174
    x1950 pro 66.137
    8800gtx 172.397

    4x AA 16x AF
    7900GT 43.365
    x1650xt 29.099
    x1950pro 47.298
    8800GTX 116.185

    8x aa 16x af
    8800gtx 94.934

    8xq aa 16x af
    8800gtx 85.815

    16x AA 16x AF
    8800gtx 93.601

    16xQ AA 16x AF
    8800GTX 65.396

    no AA no AF
    7900GT 51.573
    x1650xt 26.834
    x1950 pro 45.661
    8800GTX 119.775

    4x AA 16x AF
    7900GT 28.636
    x1650xt 15.183
    x1950pro 30.418
    8800gtx 79.678

    8x AA 16x AF
    8800gtx 64.166

    8xq AA 16x af
    8800gtx 53.561

    16x AA 16X AF
    8800GTX 63.387

    16XQ AA 16X AF
    8800GTX 41.578

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