1 year of PS PLUS for 35 USD, offer ends in August

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    Yeah... Err.. Am allowed to do this here?

    Psst... Psst. Come to this corner, come.

    I can offer you a year of PS PLUS for 35 USD. It's a legit ps plus.

    The catch?

    • The offer will end in August. Due to sony price change. You can stack multi years of PS plus tho.
    • The ps plus will be in Asia account. Set your ps4 as primary, and you can enjoy all the online psplus features in YOUR Account (any region).
    • You will get Asia PS PLUS free games (horrible selection)
    How we will do it? You have 3 options, choose whichever you feel more comfortable with

    1. I will send you a new PSN login, with a year of PS PLUS, or
    2. You create a new psn account, send the login to me, I'll purchase the plus for you, or
    3. I send you my credit card details so you can create the account yourself and buy the plus yourself
    Note: cat not included
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