1. Dresden

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt revealed

    The third installment in The Witcher series has officially been revealed. Boasting Cyberpunk 2077's REDengine 3, the game will be a fully open world "larger than Skyrim and 30 times larger than Assassins of Kings." Personally, I've been an enormous fan of this series since it's induction and...
  2. Arwin

    www.techingames.net Integration FAQ

    Welcome to the www.techingames.net Integration FAQ TechInGames.NET Embedding options Embedding information from www.techingames.net works a lot like embedding a youtube video, except slightly easier. At the most basic level, you just need to remember: When creating a new game specific thread...
  3. R

    The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt ! [XO, PS4, NX, PS5, XBSX|S, PC]

    Why don't we have a thread for this :???: :roll: :evil: ! The first gameplay trailer : A full open world with graphics to melt your eye balls, boobs in numbers you can't get in real life and a fantastic art direction ! The best part is : it is coming from a non-english speaking dev, so we...