1. D

    Sony Reveal Event: Future of Gaming on PS5 [2020-06-11]

    @mods Making a new thread, feel free to close it down. @edit 06/11: Links to Watch Twitch -------------
  2. BRiT

    Playstation 5 [PS5] [Release November 12 2020]

    This is it! (We Hope) Playstation 5 revealed: Digital Foundry Article...
  3. Shifty Geezer

    PS Now: Unlimited Access To Well Over 350 PS4 Games and streaming of over 700 to PC+PS4

    Just noticed the Xbox Game Pass thread and realised there wasn't similar for PS Now. Discussions regarding PS Now on EG threw up that people don't seem that aware as to what PS Now is after evolving quite a lot as a service. Even I didn't realise how large a library it had until I went looking...
  4. B

    The Annual E3 Sony press conference thread, 2020 edition

    No E3 for Sony 2020, but many consumer events around the world .
  5. T

    Proof that PSN actually stands for ProtoSkyNet

    Another business is joining the fray to usher in the end times. PR line: "Sony Announces the Establishment of Sony AI with the mission to unleash human creativity" There's plenty to discuss here, but I'm mostly drawn to the below excerpt: The first area is obviously the most prudent for...
  6. N

    Sony Playstation Marketing: a quiet place in days gone?

    Kaz Hiray steps down from Sony, Sony not being at E3, State of Play being nothing special, not much for a long time in terms of enhancing and expanding Playstation 4's experience, Sony withdrawing digital code sales from Retail Stores to align their businesses......This is also the first time...
  7. Shortbread

    Sony, No 2019 E3 Showing

  8. BRiT

    The Annual E3 Sony press conference thread, 2018 edition

    Here's the official thread for discussing the Sony related show at this year's E3. Monday, June 11 Sony -- 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET (2 AM BST / 11 AM on June 12) Twitch Stream IGN's Stream on Mixer “This year will feature exclusive looks and deep dives four of our big titles,” said Layden. “I...
  9. N

    Sony PlayStation Paris Games Week 2017 conference Is there a thread I missed?
  10. D

    Comprehensive list of PS4 Pro enabled titles

    Here it is: From this post I got the feeling that there's a terrible misconception regarding PS4 Pro enhanced titles. There aren't 60 Pro titles. On that list alone I counted over 170 TV titles with confirmed Pro enhancements, plus over 60...
  11. BRiT

    The Annual E3 Sony press conference thread, 2017 edition

    Here's the official thread for discussing the Sony press conference at this year's E3. Sony: 2017-06-12 @ 19:00 PST, 21:00 EST, 2017-06-13 02:00 BST, 03:00 CEST Main PlayStation Stream: Twitch Stream: YouTube Stream...
  12. Shifty Geezer

    The rubbishness of PSN - whose fault is it?

    A week ago me and two friends played Alienation with voice chat provided via PS4's Party feature and it was a blast. After a week business unable to play, we had some time last night to do the same. Only this time, my connection kept being lost, my party died, my friend couldn't connect and was...
  13. P

    Should Sony have waited with PS4 Pro?

    Now that we know what an extra year of development could have meant: -9.5% faster CPU -43% more powerful GPU -49.5% more memory bandwidth -2.5GB of extra memory available for games Was it a good decision for Sony to release PS4Pro without all this 6 months ago? Keep in mind: they already...
  14. C

    Sony close Guerrilla Cambridge Sony close Guerrilla Cambridge
  15. B

    Should SONY make PSVR available/work on PC?

    Would it make sens, business wise, for SONY to make the PSVR work on PC? It seems PSVR is selling much better than the competition, with an estimated 2,5 mil units by yearend. If PSVR would work on PC we can be sure that number would only grow, but would it be advantageous for SONY? to mods -...
  16. L

    PS4 Pro experiences

    Does it make me a bad person that I cancelled my Pro order, but I did take advantage of the discount codes Amazon gave me when I ordered it (COD for £30 plus Dishonoured 2 for £18 EIGHTEEN POUNDS!)? And now I'm enjoying both games after having paid half price for them?
  17. K

    PS4 Pro migration from PS4 experiences

    how hard is it to transfert data from my old ps4 to the pro ? i just need an ethernet cable ? Do i have to configure the pro before ? the powercable of my ps4 goes behind the TV cabinet, is it the same as the pro ?
  18. Globalisateur

    PS4 4.0 update, Folders, offline trophies, search function, better UIs and more

    Great news for PS4 gamers, the next update Shingen (4.0) will bring us: - Folders (duh no comment) - Library sorting tools and search function using text input! (Alleluia) - Offline trophies (PS3 had this since years ago, come on Sony) - Quick menu and Share menu using foreground UIs while...
  19. BRiT

    Sony Playstation Meeting September 7 2016 [PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, Rumors, Speculations, and News]

    It seems the rumors about the September 7th Sony event have begun floating around. One of the rumor is PS-Now, the Sony Game Streaming platform is coming to the PC and MAC. Details: But let’s stop right there...
  20. Shortbread

    Sony Q1 2016 Results

    Sony, per GAF 1st Course, dracula_x and loudninja Sony Q1 2016: 3.5M PS4, Game division posts 44 billion yen operating profit * 3.5 million PS4 sold in Q1 2016. This is compared to 3.0M in Q1 2015. * Game division posted 44 billion yen operating profit. * Company as whole posted 21 billion yen...
  21. BRiT

    The Annual E3 Sony press conference thread, 2016 edition

    Here's the official thread for discussing the Sony press conference at this year's E3. Sony: 2016-06-13 18:00 PST, 2016-06-14 02:00 BST Main PlayStation Stream: Twitch Stream: YouTube Stream:
  22. E

    Sony sells off Vegas Pro , Sound forge and others

    Sony continues to slim down Like the article says its a bit odd since Sony also sells the hardware to go along with this software. But its interesting none the less.
  23. E

    The ReBirth of Cell *mitosis*

    Btw, I think MS should ditch AMD, really. Think about it: With IBM (according to a book on how 360 was created) they sold some of the Cell technology; the core block, to MS; technology that was paid for by both Sony and Toshiba. Compare that to AMD. They should have at least warned MS about the...
  24. Z

    PSVR questionable without PS4K?

    Reading a lot of posts here I get the impression some people don't understand the chief reason for the ps4k upgrade, as in its there aiding the PSVR (ala the normal ps4 doesnt have enuf grunt to run VR well enuf, see the rift,vives min specs). I was gonna post a few weeks ago about this but...
  25. R

    PS4 Neo naming impossibilities *spawn

    If it's really going to be called PS4k it's major misleading advertising, has no one mentioned this? It has double the flops of PS4, but 4K is 4X as demanding as 1080P, not 2X. Plus the memory bandwidth only increased a little, memory quantity not at all, etc. A PS4K should be at least 4X PS4...
  26. Clukos

    Sony closes Evolution Studios (DriveClub, Motorstorm series). Rest in peace Evo... That sucks, Driveclub has been amazing.
  27. M

    PS4 Pro Speculation (PS4K NEO Kaio-Ken-Kutaragi-Kaz Neo-san)

    He said "it wouldn't be like opening up the console and upgrading parts in it". That doesn't rule out some sort of external add-on.
  28. DSoup

    PlayStation 4 firmware updates (and Betas)

    I couldn't find an unlocked general PS4 thread to post this in so sorry if I missed it, the other two are locked. Do you care about your save game files? The ability to use cloud saves? Whether your PS4 bursts into flames? If the answer to all three questions is 'no' and you're in the EU then...
  29. BRiT

    News and Rumors: Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) [2016 Edition]

    The purpose of this thread is to contain news and rumors for the Sony Playstation 4. EDIT: PS4 Hacked Thread located here:
  30. D

    Playstation Experience 2015 - San Francisco

    December 5th and December 6th Saturday: 10AM - 10PM Local (6PM - 6AM GMT, 7PM – 7AM CET) Sunday: 10AM - 6PM Local (6PM – 2AM GTM, 7PM – 1AM CET) Games apparently at the show are as follows: Abzu Alekhine’s Gun Alienation Alone With You Amplitude Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Assault Android...
  31. orangpelupa

    5 bullshit PS4 features

    1. Backup and Restore You only can backup nothing or everything. The backup also only valid for the same FW version. 2. PS Plus Save Data Online Storage blahblahblah It auto backup at certain time only (not everytime new save). It cannot auto restore (e.g. after you hard reset PS4 or buying new...
  32. BRiT

    The Annual E3 Sony press conference thread, 2015 edition

    Here's the official thread for discussing the Sony press conference at this year's E3. Monday, June 15, 2015 World-Clock Event Times 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM EDT 1:00 AM - 4:00 AM UTC (Tuesday June 16 2015) Watch Live Here:
  33. D

    Sony VR Headset/Project Morpheus/PlayStation VR

    edit: LCD 5 inches 1920×RGB×1080 (960×RGB×1080 per eye) 90 degrees FOV HDMI + USB 3D audio, Social Screen
  34. B

    PlayStation Now - could Sony go after Valve?

    Sony will be launching Playstation Now - Gaikai - this year. It will bring old PS, PS2 and PS3 games to almost any Sony product (PS4, mobile, Vita, tablets and TV). I was thinking - why limit this service only to PS games? Why not go for all PC games and go after Valve's customers? Would that...
  35. A

    PS2 vs PS3 vs PS4 fillrate

    I am a bit confused here and I'd like the pros here to clarify this for me. The creator of the GT series of games mentioned in several interviews the following: And then in a more recent interview it was said that: Considering the fact that the PS3 was much more powerful than the PS2 and...
  36. P

    New PS4 Smell

    [whiff] Ah~~~ EDIT: Too busy right now. Later... Which one of you is BacKSpacE ? He's all over my "What's New" page. The new "What's New" page is like a FaceBook page of your PSN friends' activities. EDIT 2: It's dabomb665m on B3D.
  37. P

    News & Rumours: Playstation 4/ Orbis *spin*

    There, source of early PS4 rumors/info is likely Teiji Yutaka (SVP Technology Platform) from SCE: He's talking about stereoscopic 3D rendering (and beyond). It would coincide with the PS4 rumors we...
  38. E

    The Last Guardian (Trico, Ico 3, Shadow of the Colossus sequel, etc.) [PS4]

    Direct-feed HD trailer here: The creature looks incredible. And the backgrounds look like CG, the way the ambient occlusion is baked (not sure how, looks like texture-baked) is so perfect. Look at that background behind the...
  39. G

    Sony Home - The official thread*

    For you registered PS Underground Members, Home Beta sign-ups have started. I'm not sure about the exact conditions for the sign-up invite, however. If I were to guess, you need a PS Underground Account along with a registered PS3 under that account. You may also need to be a GAP member, and...