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    Formula 1 - 2022 Season

    I cant wait for Ricciardo to go back to alpine / Renault, and then end up beating the McClarens. With engine dev pretty much stagnant for the time being, I think that being in a constructor team is the smartest move. The only thing McClaren had going for them is the merc engines, but that no...
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    AMD: RDNA 3 Speculation, Rumours and Discussion

    I was gonna respond saying your all wrong, but after giving it some more thought, I think you might be correct in that the underlying substrate, eg. the interposer might actually be a limiting factor here. Whilst they can dictate the size and shape of the "socket" for lack of a better term...
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    AMD: RDNA 3 Speculation, Rumours and Discussion

    I wonder how much variability there is in MCD dies, vs GCD dies? Especially in terms of what speed they will run at. if there is a lot of variability in MCD dies, then they can bin a lot of those MCD's very well. Eg. Bundle the slower ones for slower cards with slower GDDR needs. I'm still...
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    Embracer Studio Acquisitions

    likely that MS wanted to do the deal, but didn't move on it due to existing FTC interest in the Bliz/Acti purchase.
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    Current Generation Games Analysis Technical Discussion [2022] [XBSX|S, PS5, PC]

    you really want something like this... but they don't come cheap, it's professional equipment, and does so much more than just dump the hdmi signal.
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    Current Generation Games Analysis Technical Discussion [2022] [XBSX|S, PS5, PC]

    LOL at him calling out the HDR when the display clearly shows YCbCr 422 8 bit. At least 10bit 422 is required for HDR, and ideally 10or 12-bit RGB :(
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    The future of consoles

    I've always liked this idea, essentially placing a chunk of fpga style compute inside a console and allowing each game / app to program the fpga as they want. But sadly the numbers an possible perf improvements just dont stack up. Most fpga run in the 500-1Ghz range, and are physically pretty...
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    Digital Foundry Article Technical Discussion [2022]

    Not - a DF Supporter but a Q. I would like them to address to in reviews and future discussions.. (Non) - DF Supporter Q8: Many modern console games are coming with a 60fps performance and 30fps graphics mode option. I know that "Pro Versions" of each console is unlikely, But it would be...
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    CYBERPUNK 2077 [XO, XBSX|S, PC, PS4, PS5]

    Oh it's gonna be a field day. and a bloodbath, especially if we have any new GPU's on the market by then (ie. rdna3 or nv 40xx series ). I was looking forward to amazing raytracing with this game, but i'm more realistic now, and i'll be happy with a non-crashing game that runs well. the X1X...
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    CYBERPUNK 2077 [XO, XBSX|S, PC, PS4, PS5]

    Booo :( I've got my day 1 purchase of cyberpunk 2077, sitting right next to my XSX, basically unopened. thank god for gamepass keeping me busy with games otherwise i'd be far more upset about this. But still i would like to play this in the first 12 months of release... guess not though :(
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    Apple is an existential threat to the PC

    LOL, the pure silicon costs of the M1Max is waaaaay more than whats going into the steamdeck. the biggest ones like 430mm, on the absolute best process going. Thats before you add memory too. but probably $400 just for the cpu/gpu core
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    AMD Radeon RDNA2 Navi (RX 6500, 6600, 6700, 6800, 6900 XT)

    Thanks for the answers! That forum post from earlier in this tread is very informative / useful. i see that was posted dec 24! probably why i missed it. started a 3 week holiday on the 22nd :) I'm still to get to the 4a games one, but on a quick skim it looks very informative. Thanks guys! I...
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    AMD Radeon RDNA2 Navi (RX 6500, 6600, 6700, 6800, 6900 XT)

    help me out with what might be a dumb Q. As I understand it, Nv RTX cards need to build BVH structures in trees with 2 nodes/leaves, whereas the AMD RT cards can support BVH structures with both 2 and 4 nodes/leaves. Is this transparent to games? ( i think not..?) Are there any games that...
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    What are you playing now? (console edition) [2018-2021]

    loving gamepass right now. Currently playing: The ascent, Hades, Back into destiny 2 now that it's cross play, and i can play with my PC mates. Flight sim, when i want something quiet.
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    GPU Ray Tracing Performance Comparisons [2021] *spawn*

    Would this describe mesh shader workflows?