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    Projet offset comming to Xbox 360

    Now that was nice.
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    Ratchet and Clank PS3 - High Resolution screens

    I can't wait to play this game.
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    The GT5 expectation thread (including preview titles)*

    So you think January 2009?
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    FFXIII screens, trailers, etc*

    FFXIII releasing in 2010 confirmed.
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    Burnout 5

    It's crazy because I posted that gif months ago and the real thing looks exactly the same.
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    New Heavenly Sword Info (screens included)

    Hey nAo I LOVE YOU MAN!!!:razz: This picture just makes me want to cry. Can we please get this in its 720p holiness?
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    Killzone public beta later this year (Yes, another Killzone thread)

    I wonder if any journalist will be there.
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    SCE Joins Stanford's Folding@home Program (B3D ID=32377)

    But wouldn't that break more 360s?
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    The hugely scientific console reliability poll

    Failure rates are probably around 15%.
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    Ads Are Now On Xbox Live :-/

    Yeah $60 a year x 4 million people is a butt load of money. That's a quarter billion dollars a year. I wonder how much it would cost to run dedicated servers for all games per year?
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    SCE Joins Stanford's Folding@home Program (B3D ID=32377)

    We also have to wait for the new updated PS3s to return a complete WU. For me it should be later today. My 500,000 WU only needs 5.5 hours to complete and I have 2 hours left.
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    SCE Joins Stanford's Folding@home Program (B3D ID=32377)

    Yeah it's crazy. And with the speed that they did this update in is remarkable. I mean you know they had to do a couple weeks worth of testing just to make sure everything worked correctly. Their programmers are really good.
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    SCE Joins Stanford's Folding@home Program (B3D ID=32377)

    My new one that's a 500,000 WU is listed to take 5.5 hours to finish. Usually for me the 400,000 WU usually take 8.0-8.5 hours. So looks like their programming skills have went up a notch.
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    Kane & Lynch 360 demo at Leipzig

    Yeah the 4th quarter is stacked. It's like 2 big games coming out every month.
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    LAIR Thread - * Rules: post #469

    I can't believe a bunch of grown men are arguing over what a dragon could or couldn't do if they were real. :|