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    [XBLA] Trials HD

    Any chance we see this game coming to PSN?
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    PS3 region codes & DLC ...

    merhaba keyn,i'm 99%sure it will work allright. the only difference i see is PAL (including Australya) , USA , JAPAN , ASIAN in games
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    [PS3] Killzone 2

    well on my way singleplayer .what a game :)
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    Resident Evil 5

    this game will be mine after i finish Killzone2 single player
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    PS3 display woes

    its probably cheaper to buy another computer lcd then such hdcp remover
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    Ideal PS3 output thread *spinoff

    I have to say , I have a philips 42pfl5322 or something like that. I think my tv is a proper 1080P tv eventough it shouldnt be. I can set my tv to 1080p with my ps3 and doing so, it fits full hd resolution pictures nicely fullscreen and also lower resolution movies on their native resolution...
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    I found a hidden PS3 feature

    because everybody should know!
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    I found a hidden PS3 feature

    you guys can all thank me :cool: press the ps button for 8 seconds and it disables the controller Good if you are too lazy to use both hands to select the disable controller option :razz: Good if ps3 is on downloading demos, but your tv is on another channel / tv is off
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    Wipeout HD [PSN]

    speaking of Fatal inertia: this games plays and looks different then his xbox equivalant. I tried the demo on xlive
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    Possibly the best PS3 peripheral

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    [360, PS3] Ninja Gaiden 2

    its less then 4gb. But thats compression for you. unrar it and it will be 7.36GB like every other 1 to 1 xbox360 ISO.
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    Top 100 Selling Games Last 12 Months (All Platforms)

    so according to that list, 50% of al xbox owners have bought halo3??
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    RUMOR: Xbox 360 20GB SKU to be replaced by 60GB SKU

    I just bought a xbox360 , this downloadable movie thing, is this only USA ?