How To Subscribe And Donate

Subscriptions and donations let you support Beyond3D financially. As a niche publisher with a small audience, and given the terrible state of online advertising today, we've made a decision to not rely on advertising to help publish in the future. Today's cost-per-click rates for regular banner ads are low, and we don't want to smother the site in larger and more intrusive adverts to generate more income that way.


Subscriptions are the simplest way to contribute, with a range of five yearly and five monthly levels, starting at just $10 per year and rising to $160 a year. All of the subscription levels are identical in terms of what you get in return. More on that below.

Subscriptions aren't explicit in what the money gets used for; by subscribing you're letting us decide how to use the money. Overwhelmingly it just goes towards paying the hosting bill every month.

What do you get in return? Today the only thing we do is run completely ad free for all users. In the future we look forward to giving you early access to new content and special forum features.

You can subscribe with a User Upgrade. If you're logged in, go to the following link:

Account Upgrades

Then just choose a tier, fill in your details on Paypal, and then follow the flow all the way through to the end.


Note that donations are currently disabled due to incompatibility with the current version of the forum software.

Donations let you choose a specific thing you want to support, on a schedule that suits you, in any amount you're comfortable with. We sometimes have set donation targets we want to hit. Some are monthly, some are ad-hoc depending on what we need support with. Hosting costs will show up every month usually as a General Donation.

If you want to Donate, there's a link on the top bar in between Forums and Members, call Donate. Follow its link and you'll see available donations, what level they're currently at and who the top donations come from.

About subs and donations

Because Beyond3D isn't a charity, we have to pay taxes on both subscriptions donations. Being based in the UK, we have to pay 20% of every sub or donation as VAT to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. That's OK though, 80% of what you want to support us with is still much much better than raising all of Beyond3D's revenue through adverts or other means.

Cancelling or moving to a different subscription tier

You can choose a new tier at any time (either up or down in value). Cancelling can be done too, at any time. Just email or PM Rys on the forums at any time. You don't need to give a reason; cancellations can happen no questions asked.

Donation refunds

We can refund you within 48 hours, if you mistakenly donated the wrong amount or want to change your mind. After that we'll refund you at our discretion (because we might have spent the money) but will always do our best to make you whole again if we can, no matter what.

Questions or queries?

If you have any questions or queries about anything above, be it a custom one-off donation, a new subscription tier that better suits what you can afford, or anything else, please just let us know. Above all, thanks for thinking about supporting Beyond3D directly. Even if you don't subscribe or donate, that you thought about it at all is really great.