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Old 14-Aug-2008, 12:30   #1
B3D News
Beyond3D News
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Default Intel's Aaron Coday talks to Develop about Larrabee

Develop has scored an interview with Aaron Coday, Manager of the Visual Computing Group EMEA, on Larrabee, Intel's upcoming x86-based graphics architecture.

Read the full news item
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I've heard the "software emulation allows for faster turnaround and modification" argument from an IC company before.

While it's not the same now as it was then, let's hope Larrabee fares better.
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Old 14-Aug-2008, 20:22   #3
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Does Intel want to see Larrabee used in the next generation of games consoles?

Its definitely something we would want to discuss with the console vendors, and hope that the architecture that were providing is something that is very compelling for them and be interesting.
No, no, NO!

Here you have the potential to coup a large bit of the PC gaming market and revitalize it a bit by doing something like a Centrino platform for games - and you're going to toss it all out the window and hand over your tech to the console vampires? Put it in the next stupid little overheating box they're going to fork? I'm so disappointed, here I was thinking we were going to have a third choice that would focus on the PC. So much for that.
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Old 15-Aug-2008, 07:06   #4
Carl B
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Bowman I think I've discussed this with you already, but IMO the best shot of Larrabee actually gaining traction on the PC and potentially leading to any sort of progress there would in fact be if it were in one of the next consoles. Otherwise it will by necessity play second-fiddle to the console development paradigm, which as you should well realize is where the majority of the dollars are these days.

A PC-only Larrabee is a Larrabee that might through economics incur a lowered level of attention and support, though that's in part up to Intel and their tools.
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Old 15-Aug-2008, 10:52   #5
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That's my point. Intel, unlike the other two, can actually wage a price war, market, and launch a platform that can revitalize PC gaming for the mainstream (and regular enthusiasts as well, Larrabee is interesting anyway) and compete with the consoles rather than the 'can't beat 'em, join 'em' tactic.

If Larrabee is in consoles we'll see the same darn thing we see now.. Games are developed for static tech and those of us propping up the development by buying the new stuff the console hardware developers fork at us are met with ports that play at 100+ fps. No thanks.

Also, have you seen this, or this? I call BS on console domination. (marketing FUD to get people to give up and go with their consoles) With the right stimulation (tools, marketing, good products with nice prices, all things Intel has done and can do) I don't think they need their chip in MS and Sony's latest toy box. And I certainly hope they don't see that as their goal. I hope he's not speaking for Intel as a whole here.
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Old 19-Aug-2008, 15:23   #6
hardware monkey
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Originally Posted by bowman View Post
That's my point. Intel, unlike the other two, can actually wage a price war
Where have you been the past couple months? There *is* a price war going on, and consumers are very much receiving the benefits of it.

Carl is right. If LRB can make it into the nextbox or PS4 or the Wii2 (yeah right), it would be of huge benefit to Intel in terms of establishing LRB as a real contender.
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Old 21-Aug-2008, 11:03   #7
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It was just hope, flailing PC fanboy hope that we might have tech the consoles are not cannibalizing and basically locking down in static hardware for the next ten years..


But I guess it was not to be.
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