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B3D News
Beyond3D News
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Default Radeon HD 3870 supply hampered by a board-level manufacturing issue

The Tech Report have uncovered information about why the recently launched AMD Radeon HD 3870 hasn't shown up in volume for folks to buy, at least as far as unbundled retail goes. Pricing details are also revealed.

Read the full news item
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hardware monkey
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Is there any truth to this rumor? Is it related to the alleged "power component" issue with 8800 GTs?
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Old 28-Nov-2007, 10:07   #3
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Originally Posted by ShaidarHaran View Post
Is there any truth to this rumor? Is it related to the alleged "power component" issue with 8800 GTs?
They said it's a problem with resister, which makes me recalled the time of launching 8800GTX. At that time, there was news on recalling the 8800GTX back due to the same reason of a problem of resister.

However, hope that they are fixing it and let the card come out more before X'Mas
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Old 28-Nov-2007, 10:18   #4
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"Bad resistor"? Like, whaaa? It's not like you couldn't get them everywhere and a bad SMD resistor is replaced within seconds in some dark corner at the the end of the production line. Talk about a lame excuse.
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Has anyone been able to get more information on this? According to the news item the cards should be widely available again by now, but I'm still having a pretty hard time finding any 3870s in stock. Not to mention that the only ones I do find in stock are all in the range of ~270 USD.

Seems to me like they're killing their only saving grace with this product line-up.
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