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Originally Posted by Shifty Geezer View Post
Even then, we have one AMD employee and zero nVidia employees, right?
That depends, are the Nvidia Shills allowed to admit they're paid employees?
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Originally Posted by cjo View Post
But can they make their treats tile based and deferred?

mmmmm......post lunch chocolate brownie.....
When I drop by I will make sure to bring some tiled brownies with deferred chocolate

Originally Posted by BRiT View Post
That depends, are the Nvidia Shills allowed to admit they're paid employees?
Darn you you non-Brit BRiT, I was going to say that!
"In games I don't like, there is no such thing as "tradeoffs," only "downgrades" or "lazy devs" or "bugs" or "design failures." Neither do tradeoffs exist in games I'm a rabid fan of, and just shut up if you're going to point them out." -- fearsomepirate
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Congratulations on your new job, Arun!

Considering the move from a few low-definition smartphones just a few years ago to 2048×1536 iPads now, there sure seems to be a lot of interesting stuff happening in embedded graphics these days.
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Originally Posted by Rys View Post
Shame there aren't the same number of guys from other IHVs. Come and talk about graphics, you cowards
Sir you are a comic genius. I salute you. Your name should be written down in history along with the greats, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Nvidia's P.R department.
I believe I am correct in saying that every bit of powervr news ever posted on b3d has been posted from someone other than you.

And wheres our info on the PMX590 ? 7 months to ask a question seriously. pm me the dude's phone number I'll have your answer in 5 minutes..
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Errrr... I'm always late to the party, but: congratulations, Arun!
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