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Mr. Upgrade
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Default Thoughts about Vita + PS3 Crossplay wrt Wii U style gameplay.

Seems like they´re going to be able to do pretty much everything that Wii U does if you get both a Vita and a PS3... Vita is going to be usable as a super expensive Wii U controllerish thing together with PS3!


They´re talking (among other things) about playing the same game with Vita and Ps3 where the Vita player plays the game from different perspective compared to PS3 player. (sounds like that killer freaks shooter for Wii U for example)

Now the only thing that I can think of is missing in Sony´s strategy is the wider customer audience. 3d, playstation move and now Vita crossplay are all great ideas but they are now seriously fragmenting the user base. Can you realistically even make a ps3 game that requires a Move for motion cotrols and a Vita for the second window to the game world? One such idea would be like the wii u golf game demonstration where you would place Vita / Wii U controller on floor near you and see the ball down there and then swing the club with move / wiimote controller. I don´t think you can do that and expect great sales on Vitaps3 but you can with Wii U... (call that a wii u sports resort and start the money printer. Call it Move Sports Crossplay edition and... well... not so much.)

Wii U will have the platform where everyone has the controller.
The total cost of systems for this Sony Bunde will be horribafuckus.
Wii U will probably be more powerful hardware.

But the thing is Sony is now beating Nintendo to the market with product being available earlier! Of course this is very interesting for early adopters like me. (Remains to be seen if much of Wii U style software will become available for PS3+vita before Wii U is out)

Any thoughts?
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