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Originally Posted by Brimstone
So if Microsoft goes with Nvidia for the X-Box 2, the GPU will be based off of the NV 40 architechture? A transistor count in the 250 - 300 million range?
It all depends on when XBOX 2 will be out and Moore's infamous law.

If the XBOX 2 is released 4 years after XBOX the original then we have the possibility of a transistor increase of about 2.75X. (Moore's law or its variants claims something like double transistor count/power by 2x every eighteen months).

The transistor count of the Geforce 4 is 63 million (I can't remember the exact number for XBOX GPU but that did also include other functions as well didn't it?).

So 63 million times 2.75X = 173.5 million transistors.

My guesttimate is a transistor count of about 200 million in best circumstances if XBOX is indeed released around 2004/5 time.
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