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Originally Posted by DaveBaumann
This has digressed from the path of the topic. Either keep it on topic (if there are any more morsels or rumours to discuss) or we'll stop this.
Hmmm...ok this is somewhat off topic too, but didn't you a while back point out that IHVs are aware of the lack of exiting AAA titles?

That pro-Doom3/contra-HL2 (or vice versa) stuff is boring me to death, since neither titles blowed me personally out of my socks (even if it'll be considered "blasphemy" by some). And no pardon if I say so, neither/nor were reason enough to upgrade for; at least for me.

Question would be if there are going to be one or more highly expected games released around mid 2005, to push either/or IHV's new batch of GPU sales.
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