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I do, and I was there when my company was offered to become part of TWIWMTBP program and there is no cash involved.
So, tell us about what ati do then - not just stories you've heard from others (from who, I'm wondering...)

And, no, not all title / games are going to be equal, now, are they.

ATi's dev rel program for game companies only started to pick up about two years maybe alittle bit longer
ati have had dev rel for years - "get in the game" appears to be something newer, and this sounds like nvidia's twimtbp

Check the screen differences, there are rendering differences there, that means different shaders! If the math was the same to begin with there wouldn't be those differences would there?
Most of the differences look like they were on the gun! Couldn't the difference be just down to slightly different texture handling? Demirug says there were only 6 alterations for nvidia, this just happens to be one does it?

Thats the thing ID never put it up for auction like Valve did,
Are you sure that activision didn't though?
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