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Originally Posted by Picao84 View Post
The schedule is DICE's schedule, the delivery dates have been put forth from DICE as has the patch / implementation schedule. We have a choice to either support it or not support it; obviously we are supporting it every step of the way. BF4's implementation has always been with a beta phase of Mantle rather than a full release phase, hence the reason why there isn't a full developer kit / SDK available yet. Both the API and (I'm sure) the first implementations will continue to improve.

That said, the gains are already there - we are seeing 10% or better gains in pathologic GPU bound cases one an inital Beta release API the first release of port of a game that was not originally designed for Mantle, in CPU bound cases the scaling is even larger; this is with everything in its infancy. As we see maturity we'll see developers going from ticking off their big ticket CPU limitation items and using Mantle features more that can bring more scaling in GPU bound cases as well.
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