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Originally Posted by expletive View Post
It is interesting but is it due mostly to the ESRAM, or because its a closed box? The comment Implies that its primarily a result of the ESRAM, otherwise, why mention it...

Dave, can you expand any more on this?
FWIW that's what I've been hearing too - unrelated to Dave.

Originally Posted by XpiderMX View Post
I think he was guessing...
I said 'perhaps' we'd hear more by Friday! - haven't heard any more yet unfortunately.

Plus, I did say it was a rumour so neither the upclock or RAM increase are confirmed.
And it's not just that the veracity of the rumour isn't confirmed, but that the rumour itself does not claim MS are definitely increasing the clocks or RAM.

Apparently, the story is that MS has gone to devs for feedback on a few different things, two of them being an increased GPU clock and an increase to 12 GB of RAM (another thing on the list was storage for 'tombstoning' - I'm guessing flash cache)

Devs have to list which spec changes they prefer in order of importance. So nothing is confirmed as of yet, just options MS is getting feedback on.

However, I do have someone else telling me (also from a dev source) that we shouldn't be surprised to see 12GB of RAM in the final box and that it isn't as hard for MS to do as we think.

Originally Posted by Grall View Post
Why would they upclock or add 4GB RAM (which would be asymmetrical, making it a very wonky solution) only a few months before launch? That's just crazy talk.

What point would 12GB be anyway? There wouldn't be any reasonable use for it. Just loading it all up with data - even from HDD - would take considerable time, so again, what would be the point? It's just fanboy nonsense, that's all.
For what it's worth, the most complaints MS received from devs around the XB1 was the large system reservation - it was a bigger issue than even the low GPU flops.

Now, I don't know why devs won't more than 5GB of RAM (especially slow RAM), but it's not like MS doesn't have an impetus to increase the available memory.

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