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Originally Posted by caveman-jim View Post
60fps is not the be-all-end-all, some gamers want 90, some want 120, some want 45 - they want to know what trade offs are necessary to get there. Reviewers are ultimately limited on the permutations for testing so it's not possible to find every combination but if you can simply turn off the FPS limiter in Skyrim and get rid of the stutter on the AMD card, shouldn't that be noted? These are enthusiasts who aren't afraid of tweaking .ini files, I postulate, if they're willing to go down the rabbit hole of statistical frame time analysis.
No argument with any of that but don't see how it relates to whether you report frame latency-based measurements or FPS. I'm saying that those gamers who 'want 90' (and I personally always aim for 100/10ms with my stuff ) would be just as better served by saying they want 99% of the frames faster than 11ms or similar. This is mostly orthogonal to vsync.
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