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Originally Posted by Andrew Lauritzen View Post
I'm not claiming that's what's happening in this case, just that you definitely can do stuff like that if people are only measuring frame rates. I edited the point slightly to hopefully make that clear.

I'm familiar enough with the industry (being a part of it ) to know that drivers are optimized to the benchmarks primarily, so what reviewers are measuring is critical. If we ultimately want smooth games, we should be measuring frame latencies, like the games themselves do to update their simulations.

Sorry if the example there came off as me claiming to understand this particular case with AMD - that was not my intention. The post is merely using Scott's recent results as an example of why we need to measure this way; I'm not really trying to speak directly to the issue he saw, which I imagine is something fixable in AMD's driver. But that's the point, let's make sure this stuff gets caught and fixed!
I understand and agree, although FPS still has an important place in reviewing. Smoothness at specific settings and FPS rate needs to be known for consumers to get a balanced idea of the performance.

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