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Originally Posted by pc999 View Post
Every rumor and/or interpretation of info point to it. The core parts are also relatively small a it does not use much power too, seems like good fit.

That is why I think it would be very interesting to compare both, according to wikipedia at 3 Ghz each core would be able to get ~25 Gflops, if tricore would put it around Xenon (77 Gflops IIRC).

It isn't power7. it isn't SPU or cell. it isn't a 4xx. It is the same core as Wii, with 3 of them and larger L2's, clocked a little bit faster.

"Write gatherer per core. Locked (L1d) cache DMA per core." are features straight from the Wii and GC PPC.

3MB of edram on the CPU for the 512/512/2048 L2 caches listed a few pages ago.
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