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Originally Posted by wsippel View Post
Question: If PowerVR chips are that amazing, why aren't we using them in PCs anymore? Right, because they're not. They're damn nice for sub 1W systems, but that's pretty much it. Rogue won't change that.
Is this a serious question? The point is Wii U will release 7 years after Xbox 360 and now PowerVR mobile graphics technology can deliver same quality performance with low power consumption. Yes, Wii U might be slightly better but still for most consumers its the same. Even X720


"Next-gen mobile tech, slated to arrive next year, finally sees graphics power catch up with - and perhaps even exceed - the capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The iPad 4 could conceivably become a target platform for AAA development."
Oh boy. Looks like DigitalFoundry agrees

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