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anand updated that transistor count quote: - apparently intel doesn't always count them the same way...

Still, assuming most of the increase is due to the gpu (and I can't see why not) it's roughly ~200 million transistors more for the gpu. That certainly looks like a quite big increase (though I don't remember having seen any number for transistor count of the gpu of SNB alone). And certainly it's not just cache - I see no good reason for the L3 gpu cache to be large (interestingly, on the slides intel actually doesn't mention L3 gpu cache is there for performance reasons, just for lower power consumption...).

Looks indeed like the gpu part could be quite competitive with Llano - it's got the features (3 displays, d3d11), it might still not quite catch the fastest Llano versions but could at least be close probably. Now of course Trinity is a different matter, it should be faster but will appear (how much really?) later.
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