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Originally Posted by TKK View Post
You could even say 6xxx encompasses four architectures, or at least architecture revisions:


- Evergreen + UVD3 (Llano)
- Northern Islands VLIW5 / Enhanced Evergreen (Barts, Turks, Caicos)
Any basis for the claim that these are different? (when not counting the memory architecture which is of course different because there is also cache-coherent CPU in the same chip)


So yeah, I agree that HD 7000 for Trinity is just for marketing, APUs will always lag behind discrete GPUs by at least one generation.
We don't even know for sure how many of the GPU's that ATI is going to release in the coming winter are "GCN" or just cayman's VLIW4 architecture manufactured with 28nm.

And I would not say "always lag", Llano had their first GPU manufactured with "CPU process", and Trinity will be only second, it also takes time to "develop the development process" so that they can quickly integrate their new GPU's into APU's.

(bobcat-based chips use "gpu processes")
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