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I was curious about the source of the outdated Apache server / no firewall claims. For the moment I am having to assume that it is related to the IRC log that was making the rounds back in February 2011:

Google's cache from March 23 shows the server in question displaying the banner for 2.2.17 of Apache which is current:

I then wanted to know what "forums" Dr.Spafford was using as his source for the congressional testimony (based on various news articles making the rounds) and so took a peek at his written submission and it contains this gem:

I have no information about what protections they had in place, although some
news reports indicate that Sony was running software that was badly out of date, and had
been warned about that risk.

So anyone using Dr. Spafford as the source for the "they ran outdated software" claim did not actually read his submission - he doesn't know anything more than you or me. The situation is dire enough without media hacks making crap up.

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