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I've been pushing for this for years in discussions with all the IHVs; to get lower and lower level control over the GPU resources, to get rid of the serial & intrinsic driver bottleneck, enable the GPU to setup work for itself as well as tear down both the logic CPU/GPU latency barrier in WDDM and the physical PCI-E latency barrier to enable true heterogeneous low-latency computing. This needs to be done through both proprietary and standard means over many years going forward.

I'm glad Huddy goes out and in public talks about it as well, he get's it! And about time that an IHV talks about this.

This is the inevitable, and not too far, future and it will be the true paradigm shift on the PC that will see entire new SW ecosystems being built up with tools, middleware, engines and games themselves differentiating in a way not possible at all now.

- Will benefit consumers with more interesting experiences & cheaper hardware (more performance/buck).

- Will benefit developers by empowering unique creative & technical visions and with higher performance (more of everything).

- Will benefit hardware vendors with being able to focus on good core hardware instead of differentiating through software as well as finally releasing them and us from the shackles of the Microsoft 3 year OS release schedule where new driver/SW/HW functionality "may" get in.

This is something I've been thinking about and discussing with all parties (& some fellow gamedevs) on different levels & aspects of over a long period of time, should really write together a more proper blog post going into details soon. This is just a quick half-rant reply (sorry)

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