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Shintai is only speculating on the pin count dynamics for RV770/RV740, I would not take what he says literally. According to that kind of logic, handheld chips would never be nearly pad limited, yet they can be.

RV740 is a direct competitor to GT216: 512MiB 128-bit 1.8GHz+ GDDR5/16ROPs vs 768MiB 192-bit 1.2GHz GDDR3/12ROPs (and maybe 384MiB for OEMs?) - I don't know the TMU/ALU specs of either however, but ]RV730;RV770] and ]G94;GT200[ seems like a fair bet to me before considering clock speeds; the reason why I say GT200[ instead of G92] is that the absolute maximum I would be willing to seriously consider for GT216 is 32TMUs/160SPs.

Either way RV740 will be a very exciting chip most likely. While it could theoretically be a shrunk RV730 (hey, it could be a shrunk RV250 too!) that makes no practical sense, and I would not exclude the possibility it manages to achieve HD4850-level performance when paired with >2GHz GDDR5. So 2009 will be a very exciting year for 3D - and if I have my way, an even more exciting year for Beyond3D!

EDIT: Since VR-Zone/Expreview linked this post, two quick comments: 1) Once again the TMU/ALU specs are speculation, only take the memory config/ROP specs seriously. 2) 32 TMUs/160 SPs represents 40 SPs (5 "multiprocessors", each 8-wide) per "cluster". As I said in another post, I would *guess* anything from 24 TMUs/72 SPs to 32 TMUs/160 SPs is plausible. 3) What's up with linking to people's brain dumps on forums, even if they include a tiny leak along with all the rest?
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