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Originally Posted by mrcorbo View Post
Is there any scenario where going their own way on the GPU design and further developing Cell makes sense for Sony, or is it just throwing more money and resources at a dead-end?
They have been trying to come up with forward looking architectures for more than 10 years now and it simply didn't work. At each new generation they adopted something new that only had some vague resemblance of past technology. Perhaps this time things will change and they will use CELL again (or its evolution) and unless CELL 2.0 is some miracle sent by god ( in that case it would be so different that they shouldn't call it CELL anymore ) I see them getting stuck in a dead end. And it doesn't matter how much I enjoy working on SPUs, the vast majority of engineers I know doesn't, and Sony this time wants to make absolutely sure that they don't get screwed by third parties subpar 360 ports, delays or worse.

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