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Originally Posted by Rangers View Post
Well to the first part, I agree. They should sweeten the pot of Elite by throwing in a wireless adapter or something. Then again if they did that, it would probably become the most attractive SKU again, and I'm not sure thats a good thing, because it's the most expensive. So strategy wise, it's probably best to marginalize the Elite.
They could throw in, say, a year of Live, which really doesn't cost them anything, and adds to the perceived value of the console. The pessimist in me thinks that MS might phase out the Elite, and make the 120GB HDD scarce, now that it's not a big jump from 60GB anymore, which would also add to the appeal, I guess.

To the second part, that doesnt make any sense. The Elite is an sku targeted at a specific customer, who is not going to quibble over a few bucks.
Well, I don't agree, but I think we're straying off-topic.
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